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Conservatorship Resources

Placing a friend or a loved one under Conservatorship of the Person or Estate, known as a Guardianship in some states, can be a heart-wrenching decision and not something to be done lightly. Furthermore, it is a process that the California Courts take extremely seriously. Failure to comply with all of the requirements will cause the court to reject your petition. As a result, the Conservatorship process is extremely form-driven and requires extensive documentation from multiple different people.

This process can become even more strenuous if you are seeking a Conservatorship of the Estate. Not only can the court require you to pay a bond (usually 10% of the proposed estate) but you will also have to submit annual accounting reports.

Below are some of the most common forms associated with Conservatorship of the Person and Conservatorship of the Estate. However, PLEASE BE AWARE that this list DOES NOT constitute the full list of required documents.

Finally, we supply these forms as a courtesy and your use of these forms does not create an attorney-client relationship between the user and the Law Offices of Keith Banks and does not constitute legal advice.

Conservatorship Forms

The GC-310 form is the initial petition that must be filed with the court to begin the conservatorship process. It is used for both Conservatorship of the Person and Conservatorship of the Estate.

The GC-313 form is used only if the party you are seeking to conserve suffers from dementia and you are seeking additional powers. If used, attach to the GC-310.

The GC-312 form supplies necessary but confidential information to the court about why the conservatorship action is necessary.

The GC-314 form provides the court with necessary information regarding the party seeking to become the conservator.

The GC-320 form must be served on the proposed conservatee with a copy of the GC-310 so that the proposed conservatee is notified when the hearing will take place and what information they need to know.

The GC-335 form must be filed by a physician in order to explain to the court the mental status of the conservatee and whether, in that physician's professional opinion, the conservatorship is warranted.

The GC-335A form is only used when the party you wish to conserve suffers from dementia . If used, attach to the GC-335 for the physician to complete.

The GC-348 form must be filed with the court to ensure that the proposed conservator understands his or her rights and responsibilities to the proposed conservatee if appointed.

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